Thanks for Your Help!

By Kell Wrestling - Posted on 18 January 2011

I would also like to thank everyone for making these two tournaments a huge success.

A special thanks to all the families, Alumni and the board who brought extra family members and friends to help and for the numerous hours to prep.  It's a lot of work but it really pays off for our program.

As Joanne mentioned we received numerous compliments on both tournaments and we look forward to a repeat for the next two events.

Thanks again to all,

Byron Summey

Thank You!

By Anonymous - Posted on 18 January 2011

Thank You     Thank You      Thank You

Hi Parents!

Our first tournament of the season is over.  It was a huge success. Jamie and I wanted to take the time to say how much we appreciated everyone's participation for the Hospitality Room success.

We heard great things and that is a reflection on everyone who contributed food, drinks and time.

This will be happening again, very soon.  Please know I will be appearing in your email box once again.

On behalf of Coach Lattizori, Coach Brothers, and Jamie Hollifield, thank you for everything.  These huge tournaments require a lot of commitment from everyone.  One coach told me that Kell has a great wresting community in their families, to be able to have pulled off such a wonderful tournament.

Again, Thank you!

Joanne Hogan

Are you following?

By Kell Wrestling - Posted on 30 November 2010

Are you following?

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